Love Nails at Lerage

Service Rates * Service Rates * Service Rates * Service Rates * Ser
Service Rates * Service Rates * Service Rates * Service Rates * Ser

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Nail Art ON Fingernails OR Toenails

30p Per Swarovski Crystal (Application Only)

20p Per Gemstone (Application Only)

1 Per Glitter Tip (Application Only)

2 Per Glitter Nail (Application Only)

3 Per Sparkle Nail (Application Only)

tbc Specialist Artistry (upon request)

Nail Art Guarantee: Although Crystals & Gemstones remain embedded on the majority of clients we are aware that this is not always the case! For this reason we guarantee their adhesion for a maximum 3 hours. Clients that lose crystals within this time-frame are urged to MMS evidence of fallen Crystals/Stones to 0750 633 3333 so that we can invite you to return (at your convenience) to have them replaced free of charge. Beyond this time-frame and up to 72 hours after application we are more than happy to perform an alternative service upon you, equivalent in value to 50% of the initial service fee

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